Metal rubber anti-vibration systems.

Since over 50 years we have been serving the main users of antivibrations mounts by designing, developing and producing silentblocks, cabin, generator, motorframe mounts, and machine feet.


Patrini cooperates with customers in developing new rubber-metal antivibration mounts for customized applications. Our skilled personnel, calculation programs, portable measuring machines, in house fatigue test machines have been allowing us to have satisfied and faithful customers since over 50 years.


Industrial applications

Our company produces bobbins, silentblocks, machine feet, with safety stop, conical mounts to control vibrations and shocks. We aim at supplying the most efficient solution for each vibration damping application. In the industrial field we have satisfied customers among producers of ventilators, compressors, screens, generators and pumps.


Earth moving machines applications

In over 50 year activity we have developed a wide range of rubber metal antivibration mounts,  technical engine resilients mainly suitable for off-road vehicles (from small earth moving machines to big excavators) for agriculture machines and transport vehicles. Our conical mounts, bushes, cabin, motor and frame mounts provide best driving comfort to drivers and protect vehicle components and structure from effects of vibrations.


Agricolture applications

Patrini can provide engine mounts, conical cabin mounts and silentblocks to combine driving comfort with total safety.

Off road applications

Our company can offer antivibration solutions to comply with the most updated requirements of off road market. Our bushes, motor mounts and cabin mounts, rubber metal transmission joints provide our customers with the most convenient application solutions in line with the current field regulations.

Bus, truck applications

Patrini company has a wide range of silentbloks, motor supports, spherical bushes, metal rubber antivibration mounts for frame, cabin mounts in its catalogue. However we can develop customized solutions thanks to our internal Engineering Department. Main aim is customer satisfaction from development stage to components supplies.


Marine applications

Patrini is active in development and production of metal rubber antivibration systems and supports for marine applications. Our complete range of products, from simple bump stoppers to complex supports with motor levelling systems, is the result of our experience. It also shows our talent in providing application advice, design and development.


Raylways applications

We can provide  antivibration systems for primary and secondary suspensions, such as excentric silentblocks, “Chevron Springs”, rail truck elastic side buffers and spherical bushes expressly designed for locomotives, high speed passenger trains, truck brits, undergrounds and trams.