In the previous article, we talked about the importance of choosing the most adequate rubber mesh for every application. Another aspect that should not be underestimated during the productive processes is the adhesion between the two materials that compose an anti-vibration mount: rubber and metal. This step that might seem simple is actually crucial. A bad adhesion between the two components may cause serious damages to machineries or the operators using them. In fact, the supports are, by nature, subjected to significant efforts and vibrations. Especially when they are installed on dynamic machineries.

How does this process happen and how do you achieve an optimal level of adhesion between rubber and metal?

Two different treatments are carried out on the metal components: first of all, they are laser-processed. The surface must be perfectly cleaned in order to guarantee the adhesion with the rubber part. For some time now, the laser has replaced the sandblasting process which was low eco-sustainable and effective. Afterwards, the metal components are painted, or better solutioned, with two different chemical components: one it is grey (primer) and the other black (cover). The process is monitored in details to allow traceability and reliability. At the end of these processes, the metals are ready to be inserted in the presses where vulcanization takes place.

How do you measure the success of the treatment?

Static and dynamic fatigue tests are carried out in our laboratory in order to analyse the stresses to which the anti-vibration will be subjected. Once identified, tolerance limits are defined.

Metal rubber anti vibration mounts by Patrini Giacomo damp vibrations very efficiently. Our metal rubber anti vibration dampers are always a reliable choice that satisfy the demands of our customers and make their job easier. We have been producing metal rubber anti vibration mounts in Italy since 1965.

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