Anti vibration metal rubber mounts S-8560 are industrial vibration dampers. They have been designed by our technical department to simplify the fitting of components in assembling lines of tractors and excavators. Furthermore, this anti vibration mount S-8560 was specifically developed to stand heavy loads while at the same time, providing long service intervals. Moreover, these anti vibration metal rubber mounts S-8560 by Patrini Giacomo provide high performances and the best level of isolation of disturbing vibrations and noise frequencies. The typical application fields of our damper are various, such as, for example: motors, cabins, frames and significant power generators.

Metal rubber anti vibration mounts by Patrini Giacomo damp vibrations very efficiently. Our metal rubber anti vibration dampers are always a reliable choice that satisfy the demands of our customers and make their job easier. We have been producing metal rubber anti vibration mounts in Italy since 1965. Learn more at the page To receive more information about this specific product visit the page Ask for a personalized solution and study for the most efficient vibration damping at

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anti vibration metal rubber mount S 8560 Patrini

anti vibration metal rubber mount S-8560 Patrini