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Since 1965 we produce and design rubber metal anti-vibration mounts, sourced exclusively by selected Italian suppliers and subject to constant checks in order to meet our standards. The analyses are accomplished in our new internal laboratory.

After more than 50 years from the foundation, we have increasingly expanded our firm. Our main office is in Fizzonasco di Pieve Emanuele, just outside Milan, while in 2013 the German associate company Patrini Giacomo GmbH was founded in Mannheim. Our headquarter covers an area of 4500 m² divided between offices, production, laboratory and warehouse. This space enables us to carry out the majority of production processes in our building. The only step that is not performed inside our operating site is zinc plating, which is conducted by Italian certified companies.

The life cycle of our anti-vibration mounts begins from our customers’ application needs. After various analysis, our technical department takes care of the design and production of all the equipment and components necessary for the creation of the product. At the end of the cycle, we carry out both dynamic and static tests to ensure and verify the effectiveness of our supports. The analyses are accomplished in our new laboratory, which allows us to maintain absolute confidentiality. The entire procedure is extremely verticalized so that it is possible to monitor each step.

Throughout our long history, we have increasingly consolidated our presence in both national and international market. Moreover, following the acquisition of the company Camillo Galante in 2019, we officially entered the railway sector.

Our catalogue includes a wide range of anti-vibration mounts. However, many of those can be customized to better meet the technical needs of every application. The extreme versatility of our products allows us to efficiently apply them to various sectors and tools: cabins, axles, generators and UPS, ventilators, compressors, cooling systems, heat exchangers, range hoods, earth moving machines, tractors, agricultural machineries, nautical applications, railways and many others.

Metal rubber anti-vibration mounts by Patrini are always a reliable choice that satisfies our customers’ demands and simplifies their job.

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