Discover our history

Company Patrini was founded as partner of Pirelli Sistemi Antivibranti group and particularly of SAGA, that part of Pirelli group that used to design innovating metal rubber antivibration mounts. Patrini production was prototypes both for vulcanization moulds and for metal components of antivibration mounts.

Pirelli asked Patrini to be sole producer for the complete range of catalogue parts for cylindrical antivibration mounts.

Patrini decided to approach the international market as manufacturer of antivibration mounts and closed its relationship as sole producer for Pirelli.

Patrini got ISO 9002 quality certification. In the same period the production surface in the shop floor was doubled and a new production area for mould production was added.

Quality certification was raised from ISO 9002 to ISO 9001-vision 2000 as requested by the markets approached by Patrini. Also engineering and development of antivibration mounts had to be included in the certification process.

The partner production relationship with Freudenberg-Simrit Group became official. International importance of this customer gave Patrini possibility of growing by enlarging production range and improving quality level. Important step was also move of complete plant to new wider premises, present headquarter.

Patrini signed an official partner production contract with another historical customer: Angst+Pfister. Together with this customer the promising market of alternative energies has been approached. Patrini started production of custom made antivibration mounts to be fit in the generator section of windpower turbines.

The official contract of partnership was signed with Trelleborg IAVS, another steady customer of Patrini. Procedures for taking over of an approved supplier for production of metals by shearing and deep drawing are started.

Patrini Giacomo GmbH is founded with seat in Germany, to better and directly deal with German customers.

Patrini got Environment Management System certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001. Quality has joint environment respect.

The company celebrates 50 years ongoing growth and evolution by improving its presence on national and international markets.

The company Patrini is aiming at new market segments therefore the full organization has been changed. The internal structure and presence on field has been improved.

An innovating range of products for off road applications is being  developed. Driving comfort will be maximized and safety requirements fully met.

In order to provide improve service quality to customers, Patrini has enlarged its test room. Now a dynamic fatigue test machine is available for load/deflection, compression and traction up to 220kN and 50Hz.

Patrini got raise of quality certification to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. It’s a real step forward towards “Quality in Company System”. New ISO 2015 norms are in fact focused on risk management, which is evaluated in the specific activity sector. Therefore critical areas are identified and strategies are implemented to minimize risks and put in place precautionary corrective actions.

Patrini has taken over company Camillo Galante and officially and directly entered the railway market. It’s a formal act after long lasting profitable cooperation between the two companies. So it ‘ll be possible to enlarge range of products for customers in all markets.

Patrini relocates in a new and improved operating site in Fizzonasco di Pieve Emanuele (Milan). A restored importance is given to the laboratory and to the company welfare.