The dynamic fatigue test machine is the new arrived. Patrini Giacomo continues to invest on two essential and inescapable values: high quality and an efficient customer service. The new dynamic fatigue test machine allows us to satisfy our customers’ needs the applications’ demands. Therefore, our new test machine carries out different functions:

  1. load deflection tests in compression and traction up to 230kN and provide relevant curves
  2. dynamic tests up to 150kN to measure damping capacity of the part in the considered application
  3. fatigue tests at different frequencies to evaluate if, at test conclusion, the part is in critical conditions or it stand application stress

Metal rubber anti vibration mounts by Patrini Giacomo efficiently reduce vibrations. Our metal rubber anti vibration dampers are always a reliable choice that satisfy the demands of our customers and make their job easier. We have been producing metal rubber anti vibration mounts in Italy since 1965. Learn more on our range of vibration dampers at the page Ask for a personalized solution or study for the most efficient vibration damping at

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New Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine Patrini Giacomo

New Test Machine Patrini Giacomo anti vibration mounts