What does Service to customer for  Patrini mean?

Cooperation by engineering and development of customized rubber metal antivibration mounts:

  • we have internally developed a calculation program to correctly choose the antivibration mount to be fit and to forecast its wearlife and damping performances. This help in optimizing  the maintenance frequency
  • we use Finite Element Analysis to calculate movements, stress and strains
  • thanks to our multichannel portable instrument we can measure vibrations on field before and after fitting our antivibration mounts to verify its efficiency.

Fully integrated production process to guarantee maximum efficiency and quality control in production:

  • metal components are produced in house by turning or deep drawing
  • moulding and deep drawing toolings are produced in our internal shop
  • in house we carry out also bonding process of metals before moulding
  • moulding process is carried out only in our plant in Fizzonasco di Pieve Emanuele (Milan).

Thanks to our fully integrated production process we can provide very short lead times for samples of new products to our customers. Also serial production is very flexible, therefore we can fulfil the most urgent requests too.

Very high quality standards:

  • Patrini uses only Italian raw materials coming from selected suppliers. They are submitted to regular audits
  • Our advanced IT system allows us to trace back every production step. In case of claims we can provide reliable traceability.

Technical and professional Customer Service:

Patrini is particularly keen on keeping relationships with customers also after sales. Dropping rate of our customers is almost 0 because we use to build up a long lasting cooperation relationship with our customers.